Community, Regional & National Scale Projects

The Sustainable Communities Plannng & Development Group plans, design-engineers and manages the building of authentically sustainable urban, rural and indigenous communities, states and economic regions. The Group also redesigns existing communities and regions. Because of the unique combination of technology production and community planning within the Earth-Solar Group, we are able to integrate solar, urban scale wind and our exclusive eSOlarZONE™ iGRID energy technologies into buildings, products and smart transportation regions as no other commercial enterprise can.

Our Sustainable Communities Group is led by some of the foremost city-regional planners with extensive experience in the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
Earth-SOlar is the only commercial enterprise anywhere that welcomes the challenges of cultural diversity, social justice and human rights. These issues can rival technological innovation in achieving healthy and sustained economic growth. That is why from the Midwestern United States through Africa and into Central Asia Earth-Solar is a 21st Century leader for economic growth that can be more dynamic because it is ethical, inclusive and, therefore, broadly supported.
If you are a local, regional, national leader or a private project developer focused on results we invite you to compare our innovative, cost effective and comprehensive approach with all others.
If you wish to be a supplier, contractor, artisan, resident, retailer, lessee, etc, or if you want to partner with us we’d like to hear from you:

Earth-SOlar Sustainable Communities Group

Dorothy Manuel, Chief Operating Officer,