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 eSOlarPower iGRID™

The holy grail of renewable energy is a zero emissions energy platform that can be easily scaled to either small communities or a large region. eSOlar™ has introduced a 100% emission free, yes, zero emissions, electric grid. Power grids that are not based on coal, gas or nuclear generation and that are smaller scale renewable power centers are called microgrids. The eSOlarPower iGRID™ can be as small as a neighborhood and will scale up to the energy requirements of a community or geographical region ad infinitum.

It is autonomous or can be interconnected to existing utility power grids to provide them 100% renewable base load generation. It can, thereby, serve the particular needs of environmentally advanced communities and sub-divisions. However, the global advantage of the eSOlarPower iGRID™ is providing fully autonomous communities in the developing world 21st Century clean energy on par with any community in the world.

eSOlarTech™ Final Phase Photovoltaic Production Center/ eFP3C®

eSOlar™ has designed a proprietary solar panel manufacturing plant to produce solar technology at a cost effective scale that empowers small nations around the world and urban communities of the West to prevail against the multi-megawatt international solar producers. Many of the multi-nationals operate under a Green Colonialist theory that often assumes they are entitled to dominate the solar energy industry throughout the world.

Our eFP3C® enables communities, regions and nations throughout the world that do not have reliable electrical, waste or water infrastructure to defend their home regions against outside economic invaders by producing their own  solar panels and larger infrastructure. eSOlar™, in collaboration with the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology Indianapolis (IUPUI), has organized a multi-phased training program for entrepreneurs from around the world including urban sectors of the West to become solar production centers. These plants are available exclusively to our Regional Manufacturing & Marketing Partners (RaMMPartners).

Our RaMMPartners provide their home nation the capacity to independently produce its own home-based photovoltaic power. Locally produced solar energy is a core driver of a dynamic economy. Our RaMMPartners, by becoming the premier solar power producers in their particular region provide 21st Century energy, jobs and are the engine that can drive a diversified economy second to none.

eSOlarTech™ products are built to last and carry the longest warranties in our industries. However, when new technology renders them obsolete, consumers have the option of returning them either to our company or assigned locations instead of discarding them, so that they can be recycled and recommissioned into new applications. See your Principal Development Officer about details.

“Clean and affordable energy is a human right.”

For ourselves and for the planet that we share.

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