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For ourselves and for the planet that we share.

The cost advantage of solar is most dramatic when solar is designed into new construction. The very best time to plan your power system is when the building is being designed. Designing buildings for maximum energy efficiency, minimum energy costs and optimum green energy use is a design skill that requires training and hands on experience.
Our Regional Design Group is lead by a LEED Certified designer. The Professor of Architectural Technology at one of the leading US technology universities is a part of our team. With decades of electrical and mechanical contracting experience with owners, developers and municipal officials we are uniquely prepared to provide both the renewable energy systems and the collaboration with architects who wish to design for its optimal application.



Earth-Solar in partnership employs fully certified and licensed installers throughout the United States.
Ask us about converting yourself from an energy consumer to an energy producer through market mechanisms only possible because of independently supplied renewable energy.
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Solar power as of 2014 is more economical than fossil fuel utility grids or diesel generators in locations where there is no grid. Let us show you how!

Existing Buildings

Most solar energy installations are retrofit onto existing buildings. We normally retrofit installations to interconnect with utility based systems. Retrofit systems are effective, cut energy costs significantly and will repay the initial investment and start saving you significant amounts of money usually within 10 years.

Off-Grid Buildings

We specialize in off-grid (autonomous) systems as are usually required in areas where utility grids are non-existent or in bad repair.

Energy Costs

In the first week of July 2008 a barrel of Big Oil hit a historic high, $150. Every energy expert predicts the trend price of utility-based energy to continue increasing from now on. The cost of fossil fuel based energy has been dramatically escalating since 2000. The first month that your eSOlarPower™ System is fully installed is the first month that your cost savings begin.

We Save You Money NOW!!!

We can design systems for any size house, apartment building, office building, retail complex or industrial park. Systems are especially effective at cutting energy bills in modern warehouses. Many states offer tax credits for installations and a Federal Tax Credit Program has remained in place for many years.

Environmental Responsibility

The most urgent crisis of our era is global Climate Change. The evidence is now conclusive that we must immediately and significantly reduce the burning of fossil fuel wherever possible. Solar energy makes it possible for each of us to significantly reduce carbon emissions from burning fossil fuel.

For ourselves and for the planet that we share.

Solar Installation On New Construction:
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Solar Installation on Existing Structures:
Converting Your Home, Business Offices or Industrial Center

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