Converting Your Community and Region to a Sustainable Economic Zone


   “No society can be part of the modern world without reliable electrical power.” 

A community or region is sustainable that generates strong economic relationships and reliable growth based on an environment that is healthy for humans and all other living systems. The Earth-Solar Sustainable Group is led by one of the foremost city & regional planners in the United States. 

eSOlarTech™ Final Phase Photovoltaic Production Center/ eFP3C®: Earth-Solar has designed a proprietary solar panel manufacturing plant to produce solar technology at a scale that empowers small nations around the world and urban communities of the West to prevail against the multi-megawatt international solar producers. Please link >  eFP3C®

Regional Manufacturing & Marketing Partners (RaMMPartners): Our RaMMPartners are equipped to lead the solar power revolution in their home nation or US city. We provide our RaMMPartners the smallest pre-assembled systems or the advanced capacity to independently produce photovoltaic power in their own locale. Locally produced solar energy is a core driver of a dynamic economy. Our RaMMPartners, by becoming the premier solar power providers or producers in their particular region provide 21st Century energy, jobs and are the engine that can drive a diversified and dynamic economy.

Yet, a central challenge of both developed and developing economies is achieving dynamic growth and at the same time protecting fragile habitat, vulnerable human populations and endangered species.

Earth-Solar’s Sustainable Development Group has a way forward:

eSOlarTech™ Human & Species EcoZONE Protocol®: We have devised a unique plan to deploy renewable energy infrastructure to generate dynamic 21st Century economic growth as a mechanism for solving one of the most urgent ecological crises of our time. It is not usually understood that the poaching of endangered wildlife is in fact a tragic consequence of human economic need rather than a hatred of targeted species. The degradation and loss of multi-generational human habitat and the resulting pressure on vulnerable populations is indicative of a chain of economic desperation that ends with the slaughter and sale of the most vulnerable and globally most treasured life forms. Earth-Solar is working with some of the top governments and wildlife NGOs who are attempting to halt the slaughter of elephants and scores of other precious species. When we will launch our EcoZONE Protocol before the end of 2014 it will be announced in international press.

eSOlarPower™ iGRID: All energy, waste systems, water purification and public service infrastructure are based on the exclusive eSOlarPower™ iGRID. Our eSOlarPower™ iGRID is establishing the very highest standard for entire communities and regions based on ZERO EMISSIONS!  PLease link >  eSOlarPower iGRID


♦  For the first time since the first utilities of the late 19th Century it is possible for individual cities, towns and nations to completely own and control 100% of their own energy, water purification, waste processing and thereby generate an extended range of dynamic economic activity.

If you are a local, regional, national leader or a private project developer focused on results we invite you to compare our innovative, cost effective and comprehensive approach with all others.  We’d like to hear from you.



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Dorothy Manuel, Chief Operating Officer