About our company:

Earth-SOLAR Technologies Corporation’s mission is to empower those who reside in single family or multi-unit complexes in cities and towns, or rural farms and village settings anywhere in the world, to generate eSOlarPowerCELL™ solar energy for lighting, heating, cooling, medical equipment, appliances, technological devices, utility power back-up, safety and general well being.

Not every solar energy company is the same. Not all of us are dedicated to environmental and social justice; without apologies Earth-Solar is! 97% of scientist across the world have urgently warned against the severe damage that burning fossil fuel and emitting carbon, mercury, sulfur, methane, other toxins and Green House Gases is inflicting on our global atmosphere. Oil, Coal, and Gas (from Fracking to combustion) produce these atmospheric toxins. The normal byproducts of nuclear power are among the most toxic substances on Earth. Science is very clear that Fossil Fuels are hastening the demise — not of the Earth – but rather human and other species ability to survive on Earth.

Our founder installed one of the first solar energy systems in the US during the 1970s and is a fearless advocate for energy democracy. Our CEO of Engineering is one of the premier solar design executives of the 21st Century. We have created the only program that provides immediate entree into solar production for entrepreneurs in the Developing World. Link to RaMMPartnership.

We are delivering solar based products to the US, Latin America and Africa through our eSOlarPowerCELL™ brands. Our eSOlarPower iGRID is perhaps the first 100% emissions free power grid available now on global markets.  And we are also engaged in advanced research and development of photovoltaic control systems as applied in consumer, commercial and community-regional scale energy systems. Our research associates are the Advanced Energy Laboratory at the School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). We welcome partnerships with entrepreneurs and researchers. Our various research directors hold many citations for distinguished publications, as well as patents in our product areas.

While we are a commercial enterprise, our pursuit of profit occurs within the context of honoring our founding mission, our ethics of environmental and social responsibility, accessibility to the public and integrity in our dealings with our investors, employees and communities beyond.

We believe that energy should be affordable to sustain the well being of all human beings. Hence, our trade mark slogan “… Clean and affordable energy is a human right.”


Product Innovation at Earth-Solar is headed by Öner Yurtseven, PhD and Ahmet Fer, PhD. Dr. Yurtseven, as the Dean & Professor Emeritus of the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, Indianapolis (IUPUI), lead that institution to national prominence in technology education. Dr. Fer has led product and IP development in industry, academia in the U.S. and Europe and has a distinguished record of publications in related areas. Product innovation, customer service and social responsibility are the defining core values of Earth-Solar Technologies. 


  l Öner Yurtseven, PhD, Managing Director Technology Resources
  l Dale Agonis, Chief Executive Officer Engineering Operations
  l Ahmet Fer, PhD, Sen Vice President, Research & Develoment
  l Chris A. Cooper, VP, Research & Product Standards
  l Rich Herr, Vice President & Manager, Operations Engineering
  l Bryant Mitol, Sen Vice President Control Systems
  l Tim Stockman, Sen. Vice President Systems Integration
  l David Jan Cowan, PhD, Professor Architectural Technology, IUPUI
  l Bob Galyen, Chairman, SAE International Battery Standards, Chief Technology Officer, Amperex Technologies Ltd 
  l Mike Parran, Electronics Engineer 
  l Anneka de Luycker, PhD, Endangered Species Research