Earth-SOlar Technologies Corporation

“We believe that access to clean and affordable energy, produced free of violence, is a universal human right!”®

In the 21st Century there is nothing more urgent for the health of the global ecosystem and our commitment to future generations than the immediate implementation of renewable energy technologies such as:
  • Photovoltaic Power
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Urban-scale Wind
  • Water Purification & Management

Earth-SOLAR Technologies Corporation™ is one of a small group of American based enterprises that has developed these core 21st Century energy technologies to produce dynamic products and services available now through its global brands:

eSOlarPowerCELL™ Power Systems for individual Homes, Offices and Industry …

eSOlarPower iGRID™ Sustainable Communities provides 100% ZERO EMISSIONS Systems and Regional Planning …

… Any where in the world, right now.

Recently President Barack Obama announced a USA sponsored initiative to support clean energy development on the great continent of Africa. We at Earth-Solar are already establishing an infrastructure of clean energy with African colleagues, partners and governments for a number of years. We are also proudly engaged with the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Program.

On a truly level playing field in a fair marketplace where consumers are informed and granted complete choice, renewable energy is that choice. It is the mission of Earth Solar Technologies to help convert the 20th Century fossil fuel energy economy into 21st Century renewable technologies of clean, ethically produced energy that is universally available and affordable. We provide 100% emission free solar energy, waste management and water reclamation systems from Hawaii to Florida, and from Canada to Latin America and the Caribbean. China and Asia?


Indiana Renewable Energy Project – IREP Recently a well respected financial magazine reported that Indiana can do better in green policies and sustainable infrastructure. As an Indiana based company, Earth-Solar is partnering with other commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, students and public elected officials to bring our state into the front ranks of clean energy and sustainable development. Our People’s Conference on Clean Energy, Healthy Growth and Green Jobs will be announced. Please join us at that time!

We are proud members of… Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy Union of Concerned Scientists Solar Energy Industries Association